Team wins design award for LMK App

It’s been an exciting month for the LMK App team!  Earlier this month we released the first LMK App for iPhone, starting the month off with a bang.  And just this week we learned that LMK App received the silver award for  design of a mobile app in the new service category.  It is very […]

Planning Friendsgiving?

3 Ways to Send Friendsgiving Invitations

Friendsgiving The celebration of Thanksgiving with your not-so-blood related family, also known as your best friends. For some of us, Thanksgiving seems a lot more fun when you get to celebrate it with your closest buddies instead of having to worry about scheduling with long-lost family members you talk to three times a year, coupled […]

WooHoo! Everyone RSVP’ed – NOT.

If you’re anything like me, I like to plan. I like to plan parties, movie dates, food dates, bar crawls, football Sundays, golf outings, happy hours – you name it. I’m so tired of planning events via e-mail because it’s too hard to keep track of all responses within a thread, and I don’t always […]


Because Excuses Are Hard

Coming November 2014 LMK is a social Востребование app that makes it easy to invite your friends to a casual get together on the go. Your friends simply reply “in” or “out” and LMK quickly updates to let you know Enhance who’s IN and who’s OUT. Even those that are stuck in the Stone Age […]