Hey Evite, Stop Making it So Hard to Decline an Invitation

I have received my fair share of Evite invitations – birthday parties, baby showers, cocktail parties – you name it.  When the whole Evite craze started, everything seemed innocuous enough. But that has changed.

When I receive an invitation from Evite, I don’t even bother opening it.  Why?  Because the second I open the invitation, it triggers a series of events that I cannot undo.  It didn’t take long before I learned that opening an invitation also notifies the person who invited me that I just opened their invitation.  And that’s where the “fun” begins.

Evite takes way too much time to decline an invitation

There I’ve said it. My time is valuable, so anything that infringes on my time is to be avoided. When I receive an Evite invitation and I am not going to be able to attend, then I am immediately placed on the hot seat to come up with a good reason why not.  Just any old reason will not do because everyone on the guest list will see my response turning it into a public performance.  What could have been a short reply of “Sorry I can’t make it” is now a full production.

I want to be nice to the person who invited me and explain why I am unable to attend.  But what invariably happens is that I start looking at all of the responses from other guests and become a bit intimidated buy sildenafil citrate 100mg.  Other guests write clever responses with extensive details where each seems to be jockeying for the entertainer of the year award.

LMK App (Let Me Know) makes declining an invitation a snap

My experience with Evite really helped guide the direction for LMK App.  It is easy.  Just say “Out”, and LMK App makes the excuse so I don’t have to.

 When you reply “OUT”, LMK App makes the excuse for you

Now when I use LMK App, I don’t dread being put on the spot to explain why I can’t attend an activity.  And as a result, I now give a reply much faster – because, let’s face it, if I don’t open the invitation I’m not going to be able to RSVP!  But I have to confess something right here.  I actually look forward to checking the excuse that LMK App uses when I decline an invitation.  It’s Fun!



WooHoo! Everyone RSVP’ed – NOT.

If you’re anything like me, I like to plan. I like to plan parties, movie dates, food dates, bar crawls, football Sundays, golf outings, happy hours – you name it. I’m so tired of planning events via e-mail because it’s too hard to keep track of all responses within a thread, and I don’t always have an cheap nba jerseys e-mail address. Facebook proves to be a hassle because sometimes people never even see the invitations, and at best 50% of those who do, never respond. So, invitations sit in some deep abyss of invites that either go unnoticed or are voluntarily ignored.  Not Because to mention, some of my friends don’t have Facebook (I know, they’re living under a rock), so I’m unable to invite those friends.

As an example take a look at the responses, or lack thereof, for this Facebook event that my friend sent to me – 71 people have yet to respond. My friend sent the invitation out more than three weeks ago and her event is taking place in 4 days. The tools that currently exist just don’t cut it. And that’s why we developed LMK (Let Me Know). LMK helps you obtain an RSVP from everyone you’ve invited. The app will send reminders to those that haven’t yet responded, and will let them know they’ve been counted OUT for an event if they still don’t respond. They can still change their mind before the event begins.


My friend could definitely use something like LMK.  But what else can you use LMK for? Let me give you some ideas.

Social Activities:

Golf: Maybe you go golfing every week and you’re always asking the same people every Saturday the same question, “are you IN?.” LMK allows you to set-up an easy invitation each week to your golf buddies that will prepopulate the date, time, location and people you’d like to invite so all you have to do is press send.

Working Out, Girls Night Out, Themed Parties, Dinners, Lunches, Coffee Dates

Family Affairs:

Dinner: Maybe you have a large family, or you have two+ teenagers with sports practices, school engagements, and a demanding group of friends. As a family, everyone wants to know who’s going to be home for dinner.

Game nights, movie nights, sport events

Job Activities:

Work lunches: At our office, we try to get all of the fra employees together for a lunch date every two weeks or so at our headquarters. Some people work off-site and don’t have access to e-mail, so LMK makes it a lot easier for us to get a headcount.

Meetings, lunches, happy hours

Special Events:

Secret Santa: Do you and your group of girl friends get together and exchange gifts every year? LMK is the perfect tool to assist in helping you send invites to your friends. Simply input the date, time and invite the girls to the annual Secret Santa. All you have to do is wait to see who’s IN generic viagra 100mg.

Friendsgiving, New Year’s Eve, 4th of July, birthday parties


These are just a few ideas – you can use LMK for anything. And we know we haven’t solved all the world’s problems because we don’t yet have a way within the app to contact the host. But we’re looking into it. MemberMouse Hopefully we’ll be able to add some sort of bulletin board feature in a future release to accommodate responses and events that require communication, like potlucks. We’re working on it.