LMK if Santa is Coming!

Ever wonder where you sit on Santa’s Naughty and Nice List?  Managing an interactive list of 3 billion children in real time has become a daunting task, and now there is a mobile app to the rescue.

LMK (Let Me Know) App developed by Santa’s Senior Elf of Product Design provides up to date status of the Naughty and Nice List so Santa knows which chimneys to climb down on Christmas Eve.   Nice are (IN), Naughty are (OUT).

You too can use the LMK App to see whether your name is on the Naughty (OUT) or Nice (IN) List.  We know there are plenty of girls and boys out there who are straddling the line and it’s going to be a close call.   There is nothing more sad on Christmas morning than no presents under the tree, empty stockings on the fireplace, or a table with stale cookies and warm milk.  Don’t let this be you!

The good news is that for those on the Naughty List (OUT) – you know who are….there is still time to make amends.  Santa sees all acts of good deeds or service, so be sure you give Santa a reason to put you on the Nice List (IN) before midnight Christmas Eve and check back with LMK App.   He knows when you’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness sake and you will be certain to find a gift (IN) Santa’s sleigh.

After downloading the LMK App, check your name on the Naughty and Nice list by sending an LMK request.   (Instructions for contacting Santa through LMK App are below). Ages 13 and older should send the LMK request to 1-555-LMK-SANTA (1-555-565-7268). Ages under 13 should send the LMK request to 1-560-LMK-SANTA (1-560-565-7268).  If Santa replies (IN), he confirms your name on the Nice List and you can expect a gift from the jolly old elf.    If Santa sends an (OUT), all is not lost.   Just go help your neighbor shovel their walk, or carry their groceries.  You get the idea.   Remember, he sees you when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake.   So be good for goodness sake and check back with LMK App!

1. First, ask Santa to check the list.


2. Add the subject of your request. Hey Santa, am I on the Nice List? Or am I on the Naughty List?


3. Let Santa know where you live or just leave this part blank (cause he knows).


4. If you would like to hear back from Santa as soon as possible, just choose Right Now. Definitely make sure to request an answer before it’s too late (Christmas Day!)


5. Your request is sent directly to Santa so he’s the only one you need to add to the request. Remember that Santa has set up two separate telephone numbers to be able to handle all of the requests so be careful to use the right telephone number.

If you are 13 and older:  1-555-LMK-SANTA (1-555-565-7268)

If you are under 13:  1-560-LMK-SANTA (1-560-565-7268)


6. It’ll show you a draft of your request so you can make sure everything’s right then hit Send.


7. Make sure to check your special message from Santa when he replies to your invitation by selecting “Who’s In”.



Download LMK App today to talk with Santa while there is still time!


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


-LMK App Team