Uses SMS text to invite friends that don’t have the app

The 10 Worst Things About Being Alone on Valentine’s Day

Don’t spend this Valentine’s Day alone – Download LMK App today for iPhone and Android to find this year’s Valentine! 1. Everyone knows you’re single. And everything today is going to remind you of that.  2. All your friends with significant others have plans. You’re convinced you’re going to become the crazy cat lady. 3. It’s […]

LMK App is the easiest way to invite friends to get together

Will You Be My Valentine? LMK App is now available on Android

We hope everyone had a great holiday and a very happy new year! We’re starting 2015 off with exciting news: LMK App is now available for download on <a href=" these”>Google Play. Now Android and iPhone users alike can join in on the fun and invite friends to hang out using LMK App. Thinking […]

Evite Invite Friends Out. LMK App - Free on Google Play & Apple App Store

Hey Evite, Stop Making it So Hard to Decline an Invitation

I have received my fair share of Evite invitations – birthday parties, baby showers, cocktail parties – you name it.  When the whole Evite craze started, everything seemed innocuous enough. But that has changed. When I receive an invitation from Evite, I don’t even bother opening it.  Why?  Because the second I open the invitation, […]

LMK if Santa is Coming!

Ever wonder where you sit on Santa’s Naughty and Nice List?  Managing an interactive list of 3 billion children in real time has become a daunting task, and now there is a mobile app to the rescue. LMK (Let Me Know) App developed by Santa’s Senior Elf of Product Design provides up to date status of […]