Planning Friendsgiving?

3 Ways to Send Friendsgiving Invitations


The celebration of Thanksgiving with your not-so-blood related family, also known as your best friends. For some of us, Thanksgiving seems a lot more fun when you get to celebrate it with your closest buddies instead of having to worry about scheduling with long-lost family members you talk to three times a year, coupled with the Jersey nightmare of travelling over a major holiday weekend.

Here’s a little background. Friendsgiving works the same way that a traditional Thanksgiving would work, but you get to break some rules. For instance, Friendsgiving offers you the opportunity to make up your own menu. Maybe you don’t like mashed potatoes or stuffing, (it’s true, some people really don’t like those things), that’s okay – you can show up with vegetables and hummus or a caprese salad instead. You also don’t need to bring out your formal tablecloths and fine China. Your friends won’t judge you.

One crucial element to Friendsgiving is being able to know who’s actually going to show up. The host needs to know who’s IN so that they know how big of a turkey to buy and how many dollar store place settings to put around the table. But taking the time to organize an event and send out invitations for these get togethers can be time consuming. Let’s face it, we live in a busy world and we’re always on the go.

So, what’s the easiest tool to use for planning Friendsgiving?

I took the time (and literally timed myself) to try out three different platforms: Facebook, Evite and LMK App. Here are the results.

1. Facebook

It took me just under six and a half minutes to create a Friendsgiving Facebook event, add the time and place, input the minimum details and then Everyone invite all 21 friends to my event. To be fair, this did not include the time it took me to log into my computer (because who creates a Facebook event on their mobile device?) and create the perfect cover photo for my event. I finally gave up on Google images and started creating my own because online images never match the dimensions of the Facebook event cover photo and something was always cut off when I uploaded it to the event page. All in all, I’d guesstimate that it probably took me closer to 15 minutes to complete the task. The response rate wasn’t that bad either. In about 24 hours, I received 13 responses from slightly more than half of the people I invited cheap generic viagra 100mg.

2. Evite

I tried Evite and Ads it took me just under eight and a half minutes to plan the same Friendsgiving event. But this time, I had some serious setbacks. For starters, when I added friends to my invitation, Evite struggled to find more than 50% of friends on my list in my contacts, so I was only able to invite 11 out of the 21 guests I had on the list. The majority of the invitations that I was able to send ended up in people’s junk mail so they didn’t even realize they’d been invited. I ended up spending a little over 8 minutes just to get the invitation out to the initial guests. I had to take extra time to send separate invitations to the remaining guests that were left off of my Evite. But with the headache of the entire process as well as the extra time I had to take to follow up with texts and conversations, I easily tacked on a lot of additional minutes. Here’s the clincher: I only received one response from the people I invited in 24 hours. Though it only took me 8 minutes within the app, it took me more like an hour altogether.

3. LMK (Let Me Know)

The third platform I used was LMK App. This is the new app that was just released on the App Store on November 6th, 2014. It took me less than two minutes to create my Friendsgiving event and invite all 21 people. Everyone was able to confirm receipt of the invitation, including friends that didn’t have LMK on their phone because they received an invite via text. The best part? I received 19 responses in 24 hours. In an age where RSVPs are dead, I’d say that’s pretty good.

Invite Friends Out. LMK App - Free on Google Play & Apple App Store

Here’s the gist of what I learned. If I had to rate the experiences of each from best to worst, LMK App would rank first simply for its ease of use and compatibility with all devices. Facebook comes in at a close second because it provides the opportunity to really customize your event with details, images, and even includes the weather forecast for the day of your event. And Evite? Evite undoubtedly comes in dead last because it was painful to use: 1) I was unable to send out half of the invites and 2) Guests did not even get to see my invitation.


Facebook: 6m 28s
Evite: 8m 21s
LMK App: 1m and 46 s


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I know what I’m going to use to plan my next Friendsgiving, how about you?